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Usage Terms


There are some rules and regulation to use our site. If you would like to use our site, your age have at least 13 years. When the user age 13 years under 18 years old, then you have use legal category which is undertaking your guardian content. So, you have to 18 years old, guardian consent or legal category then you have full fill entire the site with some terms of condition. If you are not filling up the condition, then you should exit our site.


The OnlineSlots123 always advocate that you certainly receive any kind of advantages which is providing these sites. Sometimes our site or the 3rd party site provide enough which are planed to aid you so as you have use certainly and feel comfortable. In this design you could avoid every harmful mater.

Basic Terms

When you give to us any information of our site, you have to obey some system such as (a) giving perfect, true, complete and current information (b) maintaining and punctually update this information which is keeping current, complete and true. If you supply incurrent, false and incomplete information, then the OnlineSlots123 may suspend you without any notice. After that our site will be expire recent or prospect when you have to use our site and you have refused certainly in future.

Other Terms

This very important to us that personal sanctuary which is keeping your identify information. When there is no perfect security in the internet, then we will try to aid our safety to the user personal information. But you have to realize and consent that some systems are not any guarantee none site would not give security. However, the OnlineSlots123 do not create guarantee, warranty or symbol that use our site is guarded from security threats, virus and other helpless.

Acceptable Use

You wish to apply our site and satisfied and the software are offered in link through the site. You have used our site by all appropriate commandments and regulation. Furthermore, you would not take any kind of action of following our site, content or related software. If you have not our customer, then you would not use our transmit ion, solicit, post, upload, e-mail and so on. However, our site makes any satisfied or use in any method that:

  • is threatening, harmful to minors, illegal, insulting, irritating, offensive, rude, improper, vulgar, needlessly violent, bawdy, pornographic, defamatory, in developing of others culturally or privacy or hateful;
  • violate somebody else's trade script, official document, trademark or another academic belongings otherwise other privileges;
  • any respectabilities notes and level on the satisfied are removed;
  • any kind of advise, criminal behavior or guilty of any limited, international or national rule privileges each third party;
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