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Whenever somebody hears the words "slot machine", let alone slot machine strategies, they instantly think of spinning reels, huge jackpots and maybe one-armed bandits. The basic yet utterly seductive appeal that these machines have is the main reason why the majority of casinos out there attribute almost 80% of their revenue to slots.

For players, slots are perfect as there is no need to memorize difficult rules or slot machine strategies; there is also no need for training in statistics or probability. You simply drop money in, pull a lever or press a button, watch and wait and you could win. How much easier could things get?

So, how can you win when it comes to slots? Find out here.

Choose the Ideal Slot Machine

You know just how the machines work, as well as their payouts, but where can you find the best ones?

Well, a lot of casinos have signs that showcase their payout percentages and jackpots. In a lot of cases, the machines that are closer to the signs have better payout odds. You could also ask the people who change the slots which machines happen to have more frequent payouts and better odds, if you'd like.

Other loose machines might be located in highly visible areas, like high-traffic entrances or exits and raised carousels. This is because casinos want their visitors to see that people win, so they will believe that they could, too. This is one of the many slot machine strategies that casino managers and owners play on their visitors.

Keep in mind, though, that winning slots hardly ever exist near table games, most of all not at the very end since table players generally do not appreciate distractions in the form of flashing and noisy slots.

Get All You Can Out of the Slot Machines

Once you find the ideal machine and are ready for some action, you should really get all you can out of it with a club card for casino slots and their tournaments. These cards can be obtained for free at casino desks for guest relations. Whenever this card is inserted into a machine, the computers at the casino will track your overall statistics, like your time for each session and average bet for each spin.

Even though this card will not change your payouts or odds, it will still give you extra points that you can redeem for comps. These comps will then reward you with various things, such as t-shirts, buffets and nights at great suites. Ask the attendant what the ideal slot machine strategies would be to earning these prizes and you could benefit greatly.

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