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GoCasino GoCasino
Bonus: 125%/$700
WinPalace WinPalace
Bonus: 75%/$150
Sloto'Cash Sloto'Cash
Bonus: 250%/$800
RushmoreCasino RushmoreCasino
Bonus: 250%/$300
OnlineVegas OnlineVegas
Bonus: 300%/€300
RomeCasino RomeCasino
Bonus: 300%/$400
SlotsPlusUSA SlotsPlusUSA
Bonus: 100%/€200
EnglishHarbour EnglishHarbour
Bonus: 300%/$200
Bonus: 300%/$200
CherryRed CherryRed
Bonus: 300%/$125


Slots happen to be the most popular game of gambling in casinos. The rules of slots games depend on which game is being played, but there are also universal rules that players need to know about. For example, payout rates are set on various machines by the casino, although the gaming commission of the state also enforces an overall minimum payout for slots. On the internet, however, the competition between casinos online forces them to set games at higher payout rates than those of live casinos.

Single Line and Multi-Line Games

The bet level of single line slots games are set by coin value, but are quite simple to play. All the player has to do is pick a machine he can afford playing on. The rules of multi-line slots are completely different, though. Slot players who play with these slots need to read the rules carefully in order to win slots, which govern its payouts and coin values. A lot of these slots merely pay the maximum when maximum lines are put to play, as well. Not every slot game rule has the exact same payouts or odds, by the way. In a lot of cases, the payouts or odds are posted, so that the player has to actively read the machine's notice. One vital casino rule that applies to slots would be that the player has to be legal in age in order to play on a live casino machine. If underage players hit the jackpot, the win will be voided because of their age.

Several casinos might allow players to play on several machines at once while some only allow one slot for each player.

Progressive and Single Line Games

A huge difference exists between progressive and single line slot machine game. The latter pays frequent winnings, while progressive jackpots pay less often, but offer up higher amounts for each win. The difference would lie in how they get set up for the payouts for each game.

Never expect casino rules of slots games to go wild and place odds in your favor, either. Odds are usually set at rates that the casino thinks players will live with and keep playing at. This would be in the very first mindset of rules that govern each slot game. The rules that come with setting minimum payouts do not get controlled by casinos, but by the gaming commissions of the state (for traditional casinos) and by competition (for online casinos). Unlike craps or blackjack, slots have fewer rules on how the game goes and what odds they play at. Keep that in mind.

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